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Hi frands! I’m going to be sharing some old personals I’ve had. All of these heads were edited by me, credit the original creators and me for the edit. Hope you enjoy them!



Have a nice day/night! 🙂




Scarf Head!

Yo! Spring break is coming to an end today for me, which means I’ll be extremely busy. I will try to post as often as I can, most likely i’ll be posting during the weekends.

Anyways I edited a scarf on this head I’ve had saved in my computer. I don’t remember where I got the head but give credits to the original creator and me for the edit!

nubwhite (1).pngnubwhite.png

Have a nice day/night!

-Tami 🙂

Kpop shields!

As some of you may know, I love Kpop. I made 3 shields for 3 groups that I listen too. These shields were a fail but that’s not gunna stop me from wearing them.


setshield tamiheartexo-shield.png


setshield tamiluvbts2-shield.png


setshield tamiluvgot7-shield.gif

I just wanted to share these with you guys :D!

Have a nice day/night loves ❤


Some heads!!

Hello guys! As I said, I was going to be posting a few heads on my birthday! Thank you guys for the birthday wishes and ily!! I edited all of these heads and the blonde head was going to be a personal but I changed my mind. Once again I did NOT make these heads , credit the original makers for them.

idk2.pngidk2.gif   33wdatou-2.gifdarkside_paytonedit1.gif

Have a nice day/night!

-Tami 🙂

Couple Heads!

eh a while back I used to have this set of heads with someone. We aren’t friends anymore so what’s the point in keeping it? anddddd graal depot stole them. SMH!!

Btw I found these heads on another web (I don’t remember the name) and got Rexy to edit them for me. Credit to the original maker and Rexy.