Scarf Head!

Yo! Spring break is coming to an end today for me, which means I’ll be extremely busy. I will try to post as often as I can, most likely i’ll be posting during the weekends.

Anyways I edited a scarf on this head I’ve had saved in my computer. I don’t remember where I got the head but give credits to the original creator and me for the edit!

nubwhite (1).pngnubwhite.png

Have a nice day/night!

-Tami 🙂

Kpop shields!

As some of you may know, I love Kpop. I made 3 shields for 3 groups that I listen too. These shields were a fail but that’s not gunna stop me from wearing them.


setshield tamiheartexo-shield.png


setshield tamiluvbts2-shield.png


setshield tamiluvgot7-shield.gif

I just wanted to share these with you guys :D!

Have a nice day/night loves ❤


Some heads!!

Hello guys! As I said, I was going to be posting a few heads on my birthday! Thank you guys for the birthday wishes and ily!! I edited all of these heads and the blonde head was going to be a personal but I changed my mind. Once again I did NOT make these heads , credit the original makers for them.

idk2.pngidk2.gif   33wdatou-2.gifdarkside_paytonedit1.gif

Have a nice day/night!

-Tami 🙂

Couple Heads!

eh a while back I used to have this set of heads with someone. We aren’t friends anymore so what’s the point in keeping it? anddddd graal depot stole them. SMH!!

Btw I found these heads on another web (I don’t remember the name) and got Rexy to edit them for me. Credit to the original maker and Rexy.