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Kpop shields!

As some of you may know, I love Kpop. I made 3 shields for 3 groups that I listen too. These shields were a fail but that’s not gunna stop me from wearing them.


setshield tamiheartexo-shield.png


setshield tamiluvbts2-shield.png


setshield tamiluvgot7-shield.gif

I just wanted to share these with you guys :D!

Have a nice day/night loves ❤


Couple Heads!

eh a while back I used to have this set of heads with someone. We aren’t friends anymore so what’s the point in keeping it? anddddd graal depot stole them. SMH!!

Btw I found these heads on another web (I don’t remember the name) and got Rexy to edit them for me. Credit to the original maker and Rexy.





Spring break!

Finally no more school for a week and more time for partying! ha ha. Be prepared for more gfx coming from me during this whole week. Friday, March 11th, is my birthday and I may have a special little post for you guys 🙂



so today i edited a head that cuppy edited from our site 🙂 she completely changed it up and you cant even tell what the original one was aha but i cant do that bc im lame so i just changed her edit a bit 😉

i hope this makes sense lol, um ill post the before and afters :)))


(i hope you dont mind that i used this cuppy) aha..

im satisfied with it, if you guys want to find the first one scroll down quite a bit, if you want Cuppy’s edit then Visit her site!… like now bc there are many others on the site who are vvvv talented

annnndd here is the last one 😉 creds to cuppy

bangspffftt it looks like eren jaegers mom

also dont forget to credit me thank you guys 😉 (omy this is such a long post)

All the love