Yo! Soo i edited a head for you guys 😉 I edited the head into a gif because who doesn’t love gif heads?! Anyways it isn’t that great but i hope you guys like it! Original head from Gunnergraal


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-Tami ❤


Spamming with posts! :P

huehuehue I’m now getting the hang of making gif heads 😀 Anyways,since this website barely has any boy heads I did a quick edit of a head i found on google. I changed the eye colors and I made it a gif (eyes bleeding). Credits to the creator of the head and edit credits to me!


Set transparent!

-Tami ❤

haikyuu! Hinata head :3

Its suppose to be hinata from the anime Haikyuu lol ^v^ it took me a while to shade this and it looks a bit messy..but I’d say it was huge edit.

Anywho the original was from linnyclaragfx so check out their site its amazeballs 🙂

brownheadboy              hinata

i love this anime

freaking season two is not out yet


oh yeah credit me pls ty

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