Dark haired Side part -June 1st The 1975


Yet another post woohooo!

Its starting to get really hot, and im almost out of school ;’) im so ready to sleep in and stay up late hahahha..oh man I cant seem to give into my glasses so now my eyes are bloodshot red..

BE EXPECTING MORE HEADS SOON YAY (since thats all i can do really..)

 ok ok.. sooo i edited this head from Jessie (i forgot to credit you some time ago im truly sorry)  You can click here to see the original head.

I  changed the face, made one that blinked, one that did not, and paired it up with a body, which i then recolored. The body was made by Nox.

Make sure to visit the mentioned sites above (:

   23417-28971f268-2827f2c75-0fe9b7a0yrx 23417-28971f268-2827f2c75-0fe9b7a0yrx  nox_knitsweater1

all the love





Hey pals! It has been a while since I’ve posted. I have some uploads to share with you guys.  I edited the head a bit, changed it into a gif and that’s about it. I was going to make this head a personal but I changed my mind. I hope you enjoy it. Give credit to Lumen for the body and Brooke for the original head.


Have a nice day/night!

-Tami ❤