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This site is kinda dead, but im still hereee.

I decided to give this pony tail headsome bangs 😉

Ill probably add more heads to this post, with different recolors!

Credits to Sof for the original head. As always click here for the original post.

Set transperancy (i think)

burnettponys  burnettponys

love ya.


Dark haired Side part -June 1st The 1975


Yet another post woohooo!

Its starting to get really hot, and im almost out of school ;’) im so ready to sleep in and stay up late hahahha..oh man I cant seem to give into my glasses so now my eyes are bloodshot red..

BE EXPECTING MORE HEADS SOON YAY (since thats all i can do really..)

 ok ok.. sooo i edited this head from Jessie (i forgot to credit you some time ago im truly sorry)  You can click here to see the original head.

I  changed the face, made one that blinked, one that did not, and paired it up with a body, which i then recolored. The body was made by Nox.

Make sure to visit the mentioned sites above (:

   23417-28971f268-2827f2c75-0fe9b7a0yrx 23417-28971f268-2827f2c75-0fe9b7a0yrx  nox_knitsweater1

all the love


Curly pigtails?..


“Finaly a new head” *crowd goes wild* * audience throws babies* woooo :))

i hope you guys enjoy this! im  sorry for the crappy recoloring. I was on a hurry to share this already. I think i might upload this myself ahah.. i love it some muchhhhh. Im not satisfied with the side frame butt ehh its still beautiul to me ;’)

As always click here for the original head. Creits to the most inpiring Fzigraal

curlywhite curlyblack curlyred curlydarkbrwn curlylightbrwn curlydarkblond

Love ya xx


Extra Mousse :)

Happy April!  I hope you guys are having great weather wherever you are in the world, because i’ve been getting attacked by hail and thunderstorms over where i am located :-D.  ANyAWayss…..

I got  inspired by several people(mostly girls) that  i know that apply  too much moussse, i mean wayyyyy to muuchchh. Im not saying it looks bad or anything. YOU DO YOU BOO 😉

You can click here to see the original head, made by the amazinggg Fzigraal. I adore all their stuff.



I hope you guys enjoy this :)))

I love you all

-Rexy ❤


Hey! long time huh?

Spring break has started for me, and im so ready to just relax :)))

I dedicate this post to tami, because she’s been posting, and has gotten me motivaed. Maybe you’ll see more of me this week.. 🙂 so stay tuned

i edited this from the lovely Cuppy, i had to keep the back bun thingy beause its so cute. creds to you cups 😉


As always, please credit me or our site, it’d be greatly appreciated.

All the love, Rexy